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Sexual Harassment: Experienced Employee Advocates For All of Oregon

Fighting Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

If you feel you are facing sexual harassment or discrimination in the workplace, you can trust BAKER LAW PC. Aaron W. Baker and Serena L. Liss are lawyers who fight for your rights and pursue a fair settlement, taking the matter to court if necessary.

To the perpetrator of sexual harassment, it may all seem like a harmless joke or playful flirtation. To the victim, there is nothing funny or playful about demeaning or offensive behavior that can make work-life miserable.

If you are the victim of workplace sexual harassment, you know how daunting it can be to fight your supervisor or employer. You fear for your job. You fear retaliation. The process of fighting sexual harassment is made safer and more effective with the help of an experienced employee rights lawyer who knows the law and understands how to protect you.

For over 40 years combined, attorneys Baker and Liss have been successfully helping clients fight to end sexual harassment and hostile work environments. Call 503-575-9617 in Portland, Oregon, or 866-605-1906 toll-free to discuss your options. You can also contact Baker Law online.

Stopping All Forms of Sexual Harassment

BAKER LAW PC is focused on fighting all variations of sexual harassment that can make a workplace intolerable.

  • Sexual innuendos
  • Inappropriate jokes and comments
  • Offers of quid pro quo in which an employer or supervisor demands sexual favors in return for keeping your job or getting a raise or promotion
  • Being ostracized for not participating in sexually harassing banter
  • Retaliation, including wrongful discharge, for not agreeing to a quid pro quo arrangement or for reporting sexual harassment.

Advice for Harassment Victims

One of the very first pieces of advice BAKER LAW PC offers to any victim of sexual harassment is to find out what your workplace policies and procedures are regarding harassment. Follow those procedures or risk unknowingly waiving your legal rights.

Concerns and Questions

At BAKER LAW PC, attorneys Aaron W. Baker and Serena L. Liss understand the many concerns of victims of sexual harassment. They often hear the following questions:

  • Will I lose my job or damage my career if I fight harassment?
  • What will happen to the perpetrator of the harassment?
  • What rights do I have?
  • Who can I complain to?
  • What do I do if I was fired or forced to quit?

BAKER LAW PC takes cases on a contingency fee basis, meaning you don’t pay any attorney fees unless you get a recovery. Call 503-575-9617 or 866-605-1906 toll-free to discuss your options. You can also contact the firm online today to discuss your options.