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Before you sign any employment contract or severance agreement, talk to an attorney who understands contract law and the nuances of the often dense, convoluted language used in contracts. You want to ensure that the document you are signing represents your agreement as you understand it.

An experienced employment contract and severance agreement attorney can make clear to you the exact terms of the contract so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not to sign on the dotted line. For over 40 years combined experience, attorneys Aaron W. Baker and Serena L. Liss have been helping Oregon residents fully understand the terms and clauses of contracts and agreements before they sign.

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Before You Sign, Understand the Contract

An employment contract can affect your everyday work life, as well as the course of your career and your financial well-being. Before agreeing to the conditions in the contract, make sure you understand them all by having a knowledgeable contract lawyer examine the document and explain it to you in clear language. At BAKER LAW PC, attorneys Baker and Liss have substantial experience with a wide range of employment-related contracts, including the following:

  • Severance agreements: understand the rights and liabilities of each party (including your obligations regarding trade secrets and business methods); be certain of the amount of payment and time period involved (severance agreement contract cases may be handled on a contingency fee basis, depending on circumstances)
  • Non-compete and non-solicit agreements: it’s vital to understand these agreements enforceable in Oregon and the restrictions on geographical range and length of time that can be imposed on you
  • Employment agreements: understand your rights above and beyond those of at-will employees; determine whether the agreement you’re offered is a letter of intent or an enforceable employment agreement

BAKER LAW PC also drafts and negotiates employment contracts and agreements, in addition to reviewing contracts and agreements written by others.

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